Our Story

Fair Oaks Farms Story

Fair Oaks Farms is a group of like-minded American dairy farmers who share a passion to produce the highest quality, best tasting cheeses. This journey to produce world-class dairy products was initiated in 2003 with the opening of our Northwest Indiana Cheese Plant.

The difference between Fair Oaks Farms’ cheeses is that we control all aspects of the cheese making process beginning with growing the feed that our cows receive, providing incredible cow comfort, harvesting of the freshest milk, and the production of our hand crafted cheeses by our Master Cheese Maker..

We accomplish all of this while still preserving our environment. We are guided by a principle of sustainability. Our practices include no till farming, the harvesting of manure and the production of bio gasses from the processing of manure that allow us to meet all of our electrical needs and power the nation’s largest CNG fueled tractor/trailer fleet.

Fair Oaks Farms Story We proudly proclaim the merits of our cheeses as evidence by the numourse domestic and international awards we have earned throughout the last decade. Our philosophy for our cheese is simple: our cows, our milk, our cheese – YOUR ENJOYMENT!

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